Pastor's Page

Pastor Kate Crecelius, called to Unity, January 2017

“Therefore welcome one another as Christ has welcomed you, for the glory of God.” Romans 15:7 

Your welcome to me, family in Christ, has certainly glorified God!  From the very first phone call I received, the interview, the visits  with you all after worship in December, I have felt your welcome, love and kindness.  Thank you.

And although I am the stranger you welcome into your community and church home, I extend to all of you a welcome as well.

I welcome you into a relationship of learning from each other, sharing ideas, spreading Christ's love and building each other up.  Perhaps no other time in our lives has been more crucial for people of faith to be a community of hope, not just for each other, but as a witness and a welcome for all people.

I welcome you to ask questions, trust me as a spiritual resource and challenge me.  I also welcome you to use and develop your gifts,  offer support,  explore and grow your faith and  participate in the activity of Christ's Church and our congregation.

We're beginning a brand new and exciting relationship.  But much more importantly, we are part of a far bigger and far more glorious and eternal  relationship.  God's reaches out to us, always and continually extending an invitation to us to be more than we thought we could be and loved more perfectly than we could imagine.  The welcome God offers us is big, and warm, and lovely.   Let's accept the invitation and receive God's welcome together. 

Thanks be to God.

A bit of history.

I have been trying to move to a warmer climate since 1975.  That is, by the way, one year longer than the period of time Moses was leading the Israelites through the wilderness.

But God has used this time in incredible ways to make me ready for "the promised land".  God took my faith and taught me how to develop it and ask good questions.  God took my love of beauty and gave me some skills to express it.  And God gave me the time to raise my two daughters and prepare them for their own journeys to their own promised lands.

My resume is diverse.  I've done the most menial and humbling jobs and had some fabulous ones for which I likely received more accolades than I deserved .  But all of them have contributed to and fueled my hunger serve God and God's people. 

I have not always been a Lutheran, and came to this denomination only about 15 years ago.  But I cherish its theology, traditions,  liturgy and especially its emphasis on grace (and count on it too!).  

Spiritual formation is a particular passion of mine. I find the arts an amazing way to express  holiness.  and helping people access their own gifts ignites my own. Working together on creative ventures inspires me.   As offspring of the true Creator, we all possess that spark within us.  Finding a way to fan
 that spark into flame is unique for all of us and lights everything  from accounting to art to music to nursing to  prayer to retail sales to teaching to zither making.
I believe a vital and Spirit-filled church family plays an important part in our spiritual health, and I look forward to helping us become everything we can be in Christ.  Thank you for inviting me here.  Let's begin!