SEW Much Good
Do you have a young person in your family that dreams of a career in fashion design, or perhaps a child who loves to get crafty and make their own Halloween costume? Have you been looking for a creative outlet for your child that can build confidence in a job completed yet at the same time teach them a valuable life skill? If so, consider one of the sewing camps offered by Unity Lutheran Church in Hickory, Monday, June 11th through Friday, June 22nd.

Unity is offering two summer camps that week—one for ages 12 through 14, the other for ages 15 through 19.  The class for ages 12–14 will teach basic sewing skills that include basic sewing machine functions, fabric selection, sewing hems, etc., by hand, and making ruffles. There will be an emphasis on quilting, and in class students will learn to make potholders, makeup bags and learn basic skills for making gifts for birthdays and holidays. The instructors for this class will be Carol Weeks and Adelia Ortiz. This class can be taught in both English and Spanish.

In the class for ages 15 through 19, students will be taught basic sewing skills such as, basic sewing machine functions, fabric selection, sewing hems, etc., by hand, how to read a pattern, and how to put in a zipper. This class will focus on apparel and gift ideas, and they will make: a tote bag for their supplies, a make up bag (with a zipper), and basic skills for making gifts for birthdays and holidays. If time permits an optional project may be completed as well. The instructor for this class is Barbra Teeple.
Tuition for these classes is $65 and have a $15 supplies fee. All classes have a limited class size due to the number of available teaching sewing machines. To enroll, please give the church office a call at 828.324.1533. Sewing classes for adults are offered through Unity’s program ‘SEW Much Good.’

Sew Much Good teaches sewing skills and witnesses to the Gospel to marginalized and underserved women.   This program empowers women to earn income using these skills and learn new capacities within themselves.  As skills are mastered, women earn sewing notions, and at the completion of the program, they may qualify for a  sewing machine by completing a  mock job interview.  The interview process includes completing a resume, demonstrating mastery of skills and completion of an item to donate to charity.

Following each class,  a facilitated support group provides an outlet for sharing of experiences and hearing the Gospel.

Classes meet weekly for eight weeks and are limited to six students. Additional studio time at the end of the term gives  participants time to complete items and attend a resume writing workshop.  

If you are interested in teaching, taking classes, volunteering or donating materials, please call or emai
l the church office.

Funds will purchase sewing machines, pay stipends to instructors, and provide public transportation.